Pack 36 Popcorn Sale Information Sheet for Parents


Below is all the information you need to help your scout achieve a successful popcorn fund raising campaign

The Process:

1.  Kick Off the sale at Pack Meeting (September 10th)

         Receive sale order forms & business cards

         Get instructions for the sale

2.  Parents to write down scouts name AND email address on back of the cards

3.  Have Scouts Sell

They can hand out business cards to potential customers, directing them to the pack website to order

When customer orders via web –

         Email gets sent to customer – Bill of Sale and a request to make payment

         Email gets sent to Parent (email on back of card) – with order info and request to            collect money - (Customer can pay via web, customer is taken to a new site to                                         enter in payment info (Credit Card))


Fill out the order form (Color brochure)

Forms can be taken:

                                             Door to Door

                                             Parents Work

                                             Friends and Family gatherings

                           Parents – upon sale, fill in information into the website order form.  Will trigger sale                                                     emails to both customer and parent (for record keeping).


4.  Collect Money for orders

                        Match the funds vs. emails to make sure everything is accounted for.

         *** Customers have the ability to pay via Credit Card at end of Web Form.  If paid for via card, then no money needs collected. ***

5.  Turn in all money and verify orders that were submitted (OCTOBER PACK MEETING)

    All orders MUST be paid for at this point.  Any order not paid for will not be processed. 

    If customer has not paid, if an arrangement is to be made, it must be between customer         and parent.

                             We will not be selling on Consignment, as in years past

6.  Popcorn orders will be picked up before November pack meeting by pack leaders

7.  All Orders will be distributed to the scouts at the November pack meeting

                      Scouts (with Parent Help) are then to distribute their orders to customers, thanking them                              for supporting scouting and Pack 36.

8. Have scout celebrate at the annual Pack 36 Popcorn Lock-In and collect their prize for selling!



- Trying to drive ALL orders through the pack 36 website, for ease of tracking


- If you have a customer who fit all of these situations, see the Pack 36 popcorn leader:

Lives out of town

Will NOT be in town to pick up order after November

Order cannot be shipped by parent

- Store “Show & Sell’s” are different from this process and will be handled outside of this process.       

Store “Show & Sell’s” are different from this process and will be handled outside of this process.

Show & Sells will be setup by pack and den leadership


Fundraising Uses:

 Our fundraising effort helps to make Scouting a great experience for our sons, siblings and parents.  Here is a just a small sampling of the activities supported by your fundraising efforts and participation:

  •  Offsetting costs of National Registration
  •  Lock-in Sleepover
  •  Family Camping at Oeder's Lake
  •  Pack meeting refreshments & supplies
  •  Blue And Gold Banquet
  •  Cub World camping
10th -Popcorn Kickoff
Show & Sells Begin!!
22nd - Final Orders due
12th - Popcorn pickup
2nd-3rd Popcorn Lock-in
Show and Sell Dates


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